Sunday, 10 March 2013

Love is always in his Heart

Bill Forward explained to 60 Minutes Reporter Allison Langdon why he built the special bicycle for his wife Gladys. It reveals a love story that concerns faith and promise.
Gladys was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 8 years ago, Bill started to care for her since then. They have been married over 50 years already. I'm sure there are many happy memories in their mind. But when bad things happened to a good marriage, they stayed together and faced those challenges together. He did what he promised in their wedding vows of " We have taken each other for better or for worse".
Bill Forward is over 70 years old already and his daughter worries about him. She wants to make sure her dad is ok before he can take care of his wife. There were many take-away moments from the story but the one that stayed with me the most was Bill’s statement of “I don't want to live until I'm 100, I just want to live one day longer than Gladys so that I can care for her until the very end“. It's easy to say love when we are healthy, but it's really hard to say love when we suffer from illness or poverty.

Bill is proud of caring for his wife. he said:" She is always my princess". Though Gladys is unlucky to suffer from Alzheimer, she's lucky to have a sincere husband who has been with her for over 50 years and sharing the rest of their lives together.

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