Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Escaping from obesity epidemic?

A New York judge has blocked the city's ban on large sugary drinks, just hours before the restrictions were due to come into effect. Also the ban did not extend to drinks sold in supermarkets, any dairy or fruit drinks, many of which also contain huge quantities of sugar. Diet and alcoholic drinks were also exempt.

Opinion polls last year indicated that a majority of New Yorkers opposed the ban, with some suggesting the mayor was impinging on civil liberties and others arguing the rules would not be effective. You can still buy drinks such as diet and alcoholic drinks which contain huge quantities of sugar. 

Many people are suffering from diabetes these days, which can be aggravated by sugar consumption. There is an obesity epidemic which is contributed by huge quantities of sugar. These diseases kill thousands of people every year. If the government really wants to do something to improve the suituation, they should promote healthier drinks, with less sugar and chemical content other than ban large sugary drinks. Healthier drinks costs more money to produce which means less profits which is no good for manufactures.

How can we escape from diabetes and obesity epidemic? The diabetes and obesity epidemic will cause many complications such as cardiopathy and hypertension. I think we can lower the chance to have diabetes and obesity epidemics by improving our diet and doing sports. We can choose low sugar drinks when we buy drinks. It is proven by scientists that doing exercises or playing sports regularly helps people stay in a good shape and avoid some health problems such as heart attack or high blood pressure. So if we want to keep healthy, don't rely on other legistration. Let's do it by ourselves!!!

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