Sunday, 24 February 2013

Who am I?

Who I am? My name is Min Xie. I come from China. I lived in China over 20 years. I have been here for only 3 months. Australia is too different from China. I'm still gettting used to new environment.

I have many hobbies. I love travelling, reading and playing video games. I travelled 3 times per year when I was in China. I have been to many countries before, for example South korea, Japan, Thailand, Maldives, Indonesia and Fiji. Now I'm in Australia. Australia is a beautiful country with many sightseeings. I'm going to travel around Australia this year. My nexy plan is to travel around the world. I like talking to people who live under different background and see their customs when I travel. So this blog will be a travel blog. I will post photos and some funny stories about my trip when I finish my trip.

Being a journalist is my dream. So I chose journalism as my subject when I went to university. I went to a newspaper report office and worked there for 6 months after graduation from university. I love the job, but I decided to live in another city. So I left there and worked as a sales representative for 5 years. When I started to think about migration, I wanted to do this job again. That's why I joined the communication and media course.

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